Next Level Native & Programmatic Advertising Technology

Matched Target packs a powerful recommendation engine that increases user engagement with related content.
Connecting advertisers to the right customers and increasing overall ROI for advertisers and publishers.
Matched achieves significantly better results by analysing page content and user preferences rather than serving ads randomly .


Our Publishers Get Maximized Ads Revenue, Better User Experience, and Ultimate Support

Being one of our publishers will guarantee showing high quality Ads on your website, so you can maximize your Ads revenue.
Most of our publishers have witnessed a decent increase in their Ads revenue, whether they have chosen Display Ads or Native Ads.
A study by eMarketer said that “Nearly 90 percent of display ads will be bought programmatically
This study shows the necessity of dealing with an Ad network that works through programmatic advertising like Matched…

Display Ads

Display Advertising could be a good source of income for you as a publisher when you partner with the right Ad network.
Matched target uses the latest technologies in the programmatic advertising field, so we can help our publishers increase their Ads revenue.
Our focus is not limited to increasing Ads revenue, but also to improving your user experience and website as a whole.

Bidding In Real Time

Many advertisers will compete to display their ads, but you will be the winner with the maximum bid.

Testing Ad Placements

Every website needs customized placements; with our continuous automatic and manual recommendations, you will get the maximum potential revenue from your ads.

Optimized User Experience

To ensure smooth user experience, our advertisements load on an independent Ad-server taking into consideration both your website loading time and user’s internet speed simultaneously to ensure display of relevant ads.

Ads Based On User Preferences

Our AI programmatic advertising tools enable us to target web users individually based on their interests, behaviors, and locations
Consequently, This will enable us to give you access to the highest bidding advertisers based on relevancy score.

Native Ads

Matched target helps increase users engagement with your site(s) by providing a sensible mix of internal and external related content that you can control, as well as the right percentage of ads to support your site and contribute to its revenue.
Matched native ads are embeddable anywhere on your site providing your users with a seamless experience under your site brand and character.
Our interest graph technology enables truly personalised content and native ad experiences. Therefore, your users will have a better experience, and you will have more coins in your pocket.

Embedded Ads

Native ads are the perfect ad format for content creators , and they increase the value of every page view on your site.
Matched high quality ad network brings your users the right content ads from other sites and brands while giving you control over ads/content ratio.

Increase Page Views per Session

Matched algorithm displays the most relevant content that users are most likely to visit next rather than displaying a fixed set of links per page.
While having visitors read more articles per session, your site bounce rate will be enhanced. Also, you would be able to serve more display ads per user.

Personalised Content

Matched suggested content is ‘per user content’.
In other words, Matched shows different visitors different content so that we can increase the relevancy of suggestion and chances to click further.

Plug & Play

There are different options for implementing Matched on your site, ranging from simply dropping a line of code in the page template, to serving Matched like any other 3rd party ad campaign that you run on your site via your preferred Ad server.



Our Advertisers Get Advanced Targeting, Audience Discovery, and More

Matched is a new way to get customers, and everyone — marketers, agencies and media buyers – can benefit from the flexibility and effectiveness of Matched native ads and display ads.
Whether you have a new product, service, or simply want to drive more traffic to your site or landing page. Matched advertising model can help you achieve your goals.
With the right tools and technologies that we own and use, you will be carefree waiting for your goals to be achieved

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Features For Advertisers

Pay per click with our competitive CPC, per guaranteed user visible impression – CPM,or per action–CPA.
No matter what you prefer, Matched is compatible with all advertising industry standards.

Better Targeting

Reach engaged users – not audience buckets—via our proprietary User Interest Graph Technology.

High Quality Publishers

Matched only accepts professional publishers and content sites. Moreover, our team audits publishers regularly, making sure your brand is always displayed on quality content pages.

Mobile and Desktop

Matched ads are responsive and highly compatible with all browsers, while you can also limit your campaign to certain devices optionally.

Lighting Flash

Matched ads are optimised for best loading speed, which is an essential feature for high performing campaigns.