Our Advertisers Get Advanced Targeting, Audience Discovery, and More

Matched is a new way to get customers, and everyone — marketers, agencies and media buyers – can benefit from the flexibility and effectiveness of Matched native ads and display ads.
Whether you have a new product, service, or simply want to drive more traffic to your site or landing page.
Matched advertising model can help you achieve your goals.
With the right tools and technologies that we own and use, you will be carefree waiting for your goals to be achieved

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Features For Advertisers

Pay per click with our competitive CPC, per guaranteed user visible impression – CPM,or per action–CPA.
No matter what you prefer, Matched is compatible with all advertising industry standards.

Better Targeting

Reach engaged users – not audience buckets—via our proprietary User Interest Graph Technology.

High Quality Publishers

Matched only accepts professional publishers and content sites.
Moreover, our team audits publishers regularly, making sure your brand is always displayed on quality content pages.

Mobile and Desktop

Matched ads are responsive and highly compatible with all browsers, while you can also limit your campaign to certain devices optionally.

Lighting Flash

Matched ads are optimised for best loading speed, which is an essential feature for high performing campaigns.

Benefits Of Programmatic Advertising

The modern advertising world is represented by programmatic advertising; it is the new age of advertising.
That is due to splendid benefits and results of programmatic advertising that we find within its features.
Let us discover the benefits and how we can help you reach your advertising goals in more detail.

Highly Efficient and Transparent

The real-time measurements in programmatic advertising enable the advertisers to track their campaigns.
Consequently, they can adjust anything at any time.
In other words, nothing will be applied for once, then simply waiting for results.
The adjustments will be available to improve the ad performance.
Certainly, you only need the experts at Matched to increase the efficiency of your ad campaigns

Easily Controlled With Real-Time Measurements

We can monitor and measure the performance of an ad campaign easily with detailed metrics.
Unlike the other types of advertising like TV or print advertisements.
Each action on your ads is measured and displayed, and every action matters in terms of your ad campaign goals — you know, the judgment is applied on the final results.
So, we always keep monitoring those metrics for your own good.

Accurately Targeting Audiences

While talking about programmatic advertising, we must mention the great ability to target your specific audience, no matter what your business is about.
However, the advantages of programmatic advertising targeting features are endless.
For instance, you can target based on geolocations, web users behaviors and interests, contextual keywords..etc.
So, with Matched you will reach your real audience. As a result, you will be able to convert prospects into customers.

High Potential Audience Reach

On average, web users have become about 3.5 billion — and constantly growing.
It is a very serious sign to consider programmatic advertising on the web.
Furthermore, you can reach whoever you want and wherever you are located in, the web gathers the whole world on your computer screen.
You only need to decide on your audience characteristics and business goals, then contact us.