Do Arabic content websites have low ad revenue ?

↪ No right answer, many people announce such claims with no proof
Any website has many factors controlling its estimated earnings.
There are hundreds of factors, but we previously mentioned 6 main factors that impact your Arabic content websites increase or low ad revenue.
In brief, your targeted audience on your website has a deep relation with the targeted audience of the advertiser. 
If they are the same, you both win. Otherwise, you still have to wait for an audience match.

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Are you tired of trying many advertising networks that focused on Arabic content?

advertising networks

↪ Each ad network has its own features and advertisers, many publishers claim that the ad networks are almost the same.
However, it is not exactly true, they surely have the same concept. However, they have different tools, processes, features, and advertisers.
The advertisers factor is crucial, in our opinion. Eventually, the advertisers pay to display their ads on the appropriate websites. 
Well, this is just a nonsense talk since you have no satisfying results yet, right?
We would love to assure you that there is still a line of hope so that you can increase your website ads revenue.

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Let’s dive in our advertising network results.

We will not give you any promises, we only want to show a case with an Arabic content website, and you can be the judge in the end. 
This website is an entertainment website with no specific niche that attracts a certain audience and not others.
However, this kind of website attracts normal consumers, and this kind of people constitutes the majority.
So, the advertisers have a high potential of high audience reach.
Now, we can check a screenshot of this website earnings from AdSense.
You can notice the low page RPM over 4 months. (Note that we have permission to show this data from the website owner.)


arabic website data revenue

Then, after partnering with us at Matched Target, they have an immediate increase of 0.23$ per eCPM in comparison with AdSense revenues. It is about a 500% increase.
After two months of testing and improving, we could increase the ads revenue by more than 100%.
Finally, there are causal increases, so until we have reached about 350% increase after 8 months of partnering with us.

arabic websites data revenue

On average, most of our publishers have noticed 135% of ads revenue increase. 
However, it still depends, and your ads revenue might go beyond this increase, we cannot judge until you give it a try.

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