How can you increase your website ads revenue?

website Ad revenues

As a publisher you probably by now have read this promise many times online
and you might even have signed up with someone on trial bases and you were disappointed by the result.
We, at Matched, always test new practices to increase  ads revenue.
From our expertise, there are 6 main factors, which impact your website earnings. 

These main factors are:

1. The quality of your content

No advertisers would like to target websites with little or useless content.
Advertisers care so much about which content is displayed besides their ads banners.
Plagiarism also hurts your website since there would be old websites with the same content that advertisers could target.

2. The niche of your website

Every single word has its cost, and advertising is a mix of CPC and eCPM, so that’s what will control your earnings.
Sometimes, you also need to look beyond CPC since banner ads are just a sign not real metrics we can depend on.
Looking beyond is represented by studying the markets and advertisers that will benefit from displaying ads on your website.

3. The Ads placements 

By trial and error, we have discovered that each ad banner placement has different revenues at different times; also that differs from Ad network to another.
The best practice is to keep testing, many websites owners test ad banners manually, but the manual testing is not accurate. 
However, with our machine learning tools, we could reach the maximum revenues for our publishers through automatic testing . 

4. The number of advertisers

Competition is good, and it would be great if you have many advertisers targeting your website and competing with each other.
While advertisers compete digitally, your ad banners are waiting to display an ad, so the maximum bid will be displayed.
That is called real-time bidding,  so as many bids there are, the bid price will go up, and we will display the maximum bid on your website.

5. The sources of traffic

First and foremost, fake traffic will not help with programmatic advertising, you can never fool programmatic algorithms. It will only hurt your website reputation. So, simply avoid it.
The normal traffic sources could be as direct, referral, social, and organic for sure. Some claim that social traffic is somewhat useless or even harmful, but we can assure you that those claims are false.
It is about how you get that social traffic. Is it random? Is it fake? So, it is all about having targeted and real traffic from wherever you want.

6. The traffic volume and stability

Advertisers usually look for high audience reach, and reaching this goal with only one or two websites is better; so the traffic volume matters to the advertisers.
Another reason is that websites with high traffic volume are probably famous and of good reputation, so advertising on them will be a win-win situation.
Stability is as important as volume, no advertiser would love to have unstable results from a site. So, we look for stability when partnering with our publishers.

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What about increasing your website Ads revenue with Matched?

Now you have known the most important factors contributing to increasing your ads revenue.

Most of the factors you can control on your own, but without the right advertisers, you waste your efforts.

So, we, at Matched Target, help you by connecting your website to the right advertisers through our next-level programmatic advertising technologies.

Steps of joining

tell us about your site and let us review it

What metrics do we review?

As mentioned above, we do care about the main factors, which impact our advertisers, and as a result your Ads revenue.

So, we would love to advise you to keep improving your websites to be attractive to the advertisers.

Final words, we care about our publishers and advertisers equally so that we can build win-win deals. 

How long will it take to review it?

It depends on the volume of the publisher applications, but we usually take up to 15 days.

However, our team members are working around the clock to not let you wait for a long time.

What will you need to do on our platform?

After you successfully sign up and have your site reviewed and approved. You would need to:
Add our ad tags to your site and also uploaded or update the ads.txt on your website (an ad operation specialist will be able to walk you through the process).

While your account is under review an account manager will be available to any any question you may have.

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For more information you can contact us.

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