Turn your Social media traffic into Lucrative Revenue​

social media revenue

Social media platforms have become an essential part of our daily lives.​

Consequently, digital content publishers began to think about social media traffic differently in order to make use of social media as a source of income.

Hundreds of ways have been discovered; however, digital content publishers sometimes lack the presence outside the social media platform .

social media as a source of income
social media revenue with Matched

Not owning a website, or doesn’t have the time or expertise to build a website.

And this means that they are missing an opportunity to have another stream of revenue.

Today, Matched provides you with a solution.

Become a Co-Publisher, and simply start earning by utilizing your social media traffic.

  A Co-Publisher will have their own channel to one of our websites, where they have access to live reports and stats about visitors, estimated earning and many more.

socila media revenue reports

Let’s see what our Co-Publisher are saying.

Hi, I’m Xxx, I’m a digital marketer specializing in paid advertising.
I have been working with Matched Target as a Co-Publisher for 18 months.
I have earned 2x my investment in paid advertising on Facebook.
On a daily basis, I boost 2 – 4 posts including a link directing to one of Matched websites, and I track my earnings and visitors on Google Analytics.
It doesn’t take much of my time.
co publisher
xxx xxx
facebook revenue

Here is a screenshot of my analytics on Facebook on ..-..-.. .

facebook revenue

Here is another screenshot from Google Analytics where I track my earnings.